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Built upon the highly diverse core of expertise of its specialists, EikonTech is on a mission to provide deep insight and actionable solutions to high-value engineering challenges in the strategic domains of computational science, artificial intelligence, applied electromagnetics and radio communication. Embracing technical complexity through knowledge and experience which spans applied physics and mathematics to information theory and electromagnetics, EikonTech is named after its aspiration to shed light upon the critical issues it commits to by bringing about decisive insight.


Cutting-edge technologies

customized for your needs.

Computational ScienceAntenna & Communication Systems

Machine Vision Deep Learning Algorithms

  • Faces and Plates Automatic Recognition & Blurring
  • Vertical Signs Automatic Recognition & Classification
Slide to simulate Recognition & Blurring


Skills & Achievements

Artificial Intelligence & Data Processing

  • Image and Video Stream Processing, Point Cloud Analysis
  • Automatic Detection, Segmentation, Classification
  • Survey Digitization and 3D Modeling
  • Automatic GDPR Compliancy Achievement
  • Infrastructure Monitoring, Clash Detection, Feature Extraction
  • Preventive Maintenance

We adopt machine learning and deep learning techniques to bring value to our customers businesses. Our tools automatically analyze large amounts of heterogeneous data collected through different sensors, and provide invaluable insights to decision makers, for instance to predict failures and optimize planned interventions. This helps reduce downtime and operating costs of complex infrastructures, while improving productivity.

Augmented Reality

  • Perceptual Information Enhancement

Moving from our experience in the development of CAD and GIS systems, we realize AR applications to enhance situational awareness of many types of users, from industrial machine operators to infrastructure inspectors, from training courses attendees to healthcare and safety operators intervening in hazardous contexts.

Real-time Geospatial Solution

  • Accurate and robust Positioning and Orientation Systems
  • Georeferencing of Airborne and Train-borne Sensors Data

By exploiting heterogeneous sensors data fusion (including but not limited to GNSS and Inertial Measurement Units), we provide accurate and robust positioning and orientation systems, ensuring up to centimetric-level accuracy and operative continuity even during GNSS outages. This significantly increases the accuracy, robustness and efficiency of mapping and surveying systems, both in real time and in post-processing.

Navigation Systems for Unmanned (Aerial, Naval and Ground) Vehicles

  • Indoor and Outdoor Autonomous Guidance and Obstacle Avoidance
  • Visual Odometry
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • Distributed Control of heterogeneous Agents (Drone Swarms)

By tailoring advanced navigation algorithms to each specific need, we provide fully customizable remotely piloting and autonomous guidance capabilities to both off-the-shelf and newly developed unmanned vehicles. We select cost-effective and high performance hardware (sensors, on board computers, engines and actuators) and assist designers and engineers engaged in the development of automated vehicles to achieve functional objectives while meeting design constraints.

Simulation Training

  • Design and realize aircraft and air traffic control simulators
  • Ground control station for different unmanned systems

By leveraging on our experience in designing, commissioning and maintaining complex distributed systems for real time man-in-the-loop simulations of any air traffic control environments, we make use of extensible off-the-shelf simulation products to create customizable, flexible environments ranging from aircraft simulators to air traffic generators for gate to gate simulations.

Antenna & Communication Systems

Skills & Achievements

Design and realize custom antennas & tracking systems

  • Space and Conformal antennas
  • Radar antennas
  • Multiband GNSS Antennas
  • Active Phase Arrays

Built on the long standing expertise of our specialists in applied electromagnetics, we can design from scratch, prototype and fully implement complete antenna systems serving the exact needs of the customer. EikonTech staff hold extensive experience in designing and deploying a wide breadth of antenna systems — including conformal antennas, radar antennas, multiband GNSS antennas and Active Phased Arrays– as well as their associated automated tracking systems and mechanics.

Antenna Coupling and EMC Assessment

  • EM modeling and analysis in Inter antenna Coupling
  • EMC Assessment
  • Pattern distortion
  • HIRF and Effect of lighting on cable

We support our customers all along the EMI\EMC path, from the requirement definition up to test definition and execution. The skills of our team with electromagnetic modeling and electromagnetic analysis tools allows facing non-standard and complex problems in different applicative fields (automotive, naval, aircraft, spacecraft) and for different kinds of problems: pattern distortion, radio frequency compatibility (RFC), radiated emission and susceptibility (RE-RS), space charging, electro static discharge (ESD), High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF), Lightning.

Radio Communication Link Design

  • Long-Distance High-Capacity Low-SWaP Dependable Radio Communications
  • Energy and Bandwith Efficient Radio for TT&C and Payload
  • MultiRadio source compatibility
  • Performance Qualification and SWaP Optimization.

We put our radio-frequency transmission experience at the service of our customers in analyzing their communication requirements, designing the best suited radio links as well as in ensuring compatibility among all the radio frequency sources that their applications demand. Based on our in-depth knowledge of communication systems, we also offer analysis and targeted problem-solving services to assist our clients in achieving the best possible performance from their existing communication infrastructure.

Real-time Full-SW Digital Signal Processing

  • Software Defined Radio Transceivers
  • Physical Layer Signal Analysis
  • High throughput-per-watt SDR transceivers

In the service of customer applications, we develop computationally-efficient, high throughput-per-watt Software Defined Radios and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for Communication algorithms which enable space-based, terrestrial point-to-point and broadcast radio transmission. By jointly leveraging our core RadioComm and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise, we also implement real-time Signal Analysis and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) Systems for traffic analysis and situational awareness in the radio-frequency spectrum.

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